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  1How effective is your leadership style?

  2. Do you over promise and under deliver?
  3. How good are you at managing yourself?
  4. Are you the leader everyone wants to follow?
  5. How much stress do you and your people endure in building your business? 
  6. Do you have a greater vision of yourself and those you are leading and serving?
  7. How much fun do you and your team have in growing your business? 
  8. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good are you at solving problems?
  9. Are you respected and recognized as a leader? 
10.  Is making decisions one of your strong suits?
11.  How effective are your people in doing there jobs?

12.  Are you becoming the kind of leader that you really want to become? 

You probably already know this, but it’s not easy to achieve real leadership. Still, it’s possible, and it’s the most rewarding challenge you’ll ever undertake. If you want to get better results in leading others you don't want to miss this program!  
Are you a real leader? Or, how authentic is your leadership style? You’ll know, because your results will show it. Real leaders achieve their objectives. The key to the phrase “real leaders” is the word “real.” You cannot be a real leader without first being authentic. When you become a more authentic leader, you will inspire and empower the people around you to live your vision and accomplish your mission as you powerfully lead from a place of inner strength.
Times are a changin'... we have entered a new era where the SOUL has literally become the new bottom line in building a successful and sustainable heart-centered, entrepreneurial organization. 
You see there's a revolution happening within the collective consciousness of entrepreneurialism today. It is the shifting of old ways of thinking around how we've done business in the past, to a more heart-centered way in which we become aware and/or conscious of everyone and everything that we're empowering or dis-empowering around us. 
I've been using and teaching innovative leadership skills successfully to individuals and companies alike for more than 30 years. This dynamic two-day program will teach you to inspire and guide your team to unprecedented success, personally and professionally. If you want to get better results in leading yourself and others you don't want to miss this workshop!

"This seminar has been an incredible blessing for me at this time. I was recently at a crossroads in my business and was feeling great fear and resistance in moving towards the vision I saw in my heart. I received so much clarity and wisdom and love here and feel confident in my next steps. VisionPreneur has empowered me to confidently move in the direction of my hearts calling." 
                                                                                ~ Leigh, Network Marketing/Entrepreneur

January 22-23, 2016

Las Vegas, NV

The theme of this class is...

• How to empower a deeper sense of personal responsibility with those you lead

• How to become the leader everyone wants to follow

• The 2 different places where we lead from -- and why it matters 
• How to manage yourself and others more effectively
• The 5 key areas that influence your leadership style 

  (this section alone could be a game-changer)
• A powerful process for transforming your leadership style 
• How to set boundaries, especially with your self
• The 5 leadership qualities that inspire others
• How to remain true to your inner guidance, mission and commitments

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"Your two‐day presentation on Real Leadership has had more impact on us and our clients than any other presentation that Solatube has sponsored since the company was started ten years ago. We are already planning a series of training seminars for this coming year with you as our featured trainer."

​                                                                                             ~ David, Solar/Business Owner

5 master keys to good decision making