• How to build your business by accessing the capital from your soul
• Key strategic questions to answer in moving your career and/or business forward
• The old way of doing business (so you can recognize it) and the new way

   (so you can embrace it)
• A life-changing transformational system for clearing the blocks that have been

   holding you back from advancing your career and/or business to the next level 
• The inner power of goals in growing your business
• How the EGO influences vs how the SOUL inspires
• A step by step process for creating a Soul Vision for you and your business
• The 4 key "S" essentials for building a scalable entrepreneurial soul-centered

   organization (Strategy, Structure, Systems and Spirituality)

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Master Teacher & Entrepreneurial Expert

Step into a new entrepreneurial era where the definition of work is something we love to do. There's an old way and a new way to do business in today's market place. The ego influences us to hang on to the old ways of doing business whereas the soul prompts us to step in to a new and inspired way of truly growing our business!

You see there's a revolution happening within the collective consciousness of entrepreneurialism today. It is the shifting of old ways of thinking around how we've done business in the past, to a more heart-centered way in which we become aware and/or conscious of everyone and everything that we're empowering or dis-empowering around us.

Times are a changing'... we have entered a new era where the SOUL has literally become the new bottom line in building a successful and sustainable heart-centered entrepreneurial organization.​​

That's right an additional full day class with Dale as our gift for registering today! That means more inspiration, more action-packed strategies, more transformation and more lazor focused coaching as a way to help you grow your business and/or career.​​

 In this empowering 2-day workshop, you'll discover...

​​​​“Dale's Business School was one of the best things I have ever done for myself, both professionally and personally. Dale's inspiration is so vast, you can expand with it as far as you want."

 - Ruti, Music/Entrepreneur

The theme of this class is...    

7 steps towards mastering your business and/or career

​​“This workshop truly has been transformational from day one. What a blessing and relief to be able to incorporate who I am into my business and identify and breakdown blocks. This is a must for anyone who wants health in their businesses, finances, relationships and/or self. This would save people so much money, time and heartache in the launch, growth and sustainability of their business and add years and joy to their life!

                                                                                    ~ Charlyn, Network Marketing/Entrepreneur

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"Most of us live our lives unconsciously. How would life be different if we were conscious of all our actions? Attending one of Dale's seminars is an experience that can't be explained."

                                                                                                                ~Julie, Doctor/Entrepreneur

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• Do you ever feel like you've become a slave to your business?
• Are you and your people becoming more effective at what you do? 
• Does ego ever get in the way of growing your business and/or career?
• How much stress do you and your people endure in building your business? 
• On a scale of 1-10, how much fun are you having growing your career and/or business?