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Are you thriving or surviving with money?

The truth is we're always creating, and when it comes to money, you are either creating the lack of it or the abundance of it.
It is when you no longer feel the need for money that money will come. The feeling of needing money comes from the subconscious thought that you don't have enough, and so you continue to create not having enough money.

Even people who are financially stable or in the top 1% often still experience anxiety around money issues on a daily basis, which suggests that there must be something wrong at the very foundation of our whole relationship with money. 
However, freeing ourselves from our limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts about money and replacing them with a truly conscious and connected relationship with money which can now empowers us to create an abundance of it. From this place of a conscious connected relationship with money you'll discover another truth about money, "It's not the money that brings us joy, it's how we make the money that brings us joy."

How to challenge your money programming
• What attracts money and what repels it
• How to master money in life and business
• The emotional side of manifesting money
• Why we sabatoge money in our lives and how to stop it
• The significance of your inner container for money
• What money is... (and it's probably not what you think)
• The major key for increasing revenue in your life and business 
• How to put an end (once and for all) to the habit of worrying about money
• A powerful system for clearing financial disease from your life
• The keys to transforming your relationship with money
• How to create money (rather than always having to work so hard for it)
• What actually causes money to manifest in your life and business

In fact, a recent poll by the American Psychology Association found that money issues are the #1 source of stress for most Americans!

When was the last time you felt stressed about money? 

If you’re like most, your answer is probably today...


I respect money and appreciate all that it does for me and my business. I realized long ago that it's not the money that brings me joy, rather it's in how I make the money that has been so intrinsically rewarding. As I transformed my relationship with money and increased my value to others, it has naturally resulted in a greater ability to make more money. Join us in the next MoneyPreneur class and I'll show you how to create a greater flow of money in your life as well...  

Do you have enough money? Do you enjoy a consistent flow with money in your life or business? Or, has it been up and down? Just as sure as we need oxygen we need money. As you've probably already figured out, that in order to grow your business it will largely depend upon you and/or your company's ability to create money. The truth is, there's plenty of it and yet, why do some businesses struggle so much around money? I've helped many businesses and entrepreneurs make a lot more money and I can help you too...  
This class is designed to help you explore and ultimately transform your current relationship with money and put an end to the worrying about money in your life and/or business once and for all. 
What would it be like to never have to worry about money again? I invite you read this page all the way through as the intention is to lift you, to encourage you, and to inspire you to master your relationship with money so that money no longer becomes something you stress about again.

~ Alexander, Entrepreneur


Dale, we cannot thank you enough for the many roles you have played in our company - as a teacher and wise business coach you have inspired us to optimum levels of performance in all areas of our lives. The results speak for themselves - a 63% increase in sales over the last fiscal year - in a very challenging market!                                                                                                                            

The theme of this class is...

The 5 powerful money disciplines for achieving your financial goals

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"If you're struggling with money this workshop will shine the light on what's been causing that struggle and give you the tools to resolve that struggle. Since this class with Dale, I've enjoyed a freedom around money that I didn't even know existed. Absolutely incredible!!!"

“If you would like to free yourself from limiting beliefs and experience more freedom inside and in your life... attend this seminar.”                                                                                                                                                                       

~ Megan, Entrepreneur

Attend this 2-day seminar and you'll discover...

• How easy is it for you to create money in your business and/or life?
• What could you do with your business if you had more money?
• What kind of a difference could you make if you had more money?

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~ Troy, CEO/Business Owner

April 29th and 30th


Las Vegas, NV

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In this game-changing seminar on transforming your relationship with money

Dale Halaway