DALE HALAWAY IS ONE OF THE WORLD'S LEADING AUTHORITIES ON PERSONAL AND BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION, ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS AND REAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT.  As founder and creator of Inspiring Conscious Business and the Awakened SoulPreneur Academy, Dale is an international speaker, author, master teacher, business success strategist and transformational expert. 

Dale gave his first keynote address almost 40 years ago. The following year he gave his first 5 day long seminar and has been designing and delivering seminars since. His keynote speeches are legendary for their tremendous impact on his audience, giving more than 3,000 inspirational keynotes, seminars and workshops in his 30 plus year career. 

He has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs, sales people, leaders of all types and businesses alike to dramatically improve their personal effectiveness and productivity. Some of his prestigious clients have included Federal Express, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and Century 21 Real Estate. One of the highlights of his long standing career was being honored with a proclamation presented by the mayor of Honolulu while sharing the platform with Jack Canfield, the popular co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Dale started selling professionally for a direct sales marketing company at the age of 19. During his first 12 months, he rocketed through two levels of sales management earning him the title, “Rookie of the Year”. Just 2 years later, he set an unbelievable weekly record in personal sales that shattered the previous record by almost twice as much! In that same month Dale’s leadership team captivated the entire market within that company by taking the number one position. Dale accomplished these feats, while holding the third record… the youngest regional sales manager throughout Canada. He then went on to form his own direct sales company which became the number one franchise competing with more than 100 other companies.

Dale excelled in his field with appointments as Senior Regional Manager, Divisional Vice President, and CEO/Owner of numerous companies. During that time, Dale continually set new records in sales, recruiting and training, consistently leading his direct sales organizations to their #1 position. He began hosting his own television show, Reach for the Stars, where Dale taught the secrets of his success based on the Law of Attraction. The show soared to #1.

As Vice President of Sales for Brian Tracy Learning Systems, Dale was instrumental in building, training and managing a network of consultants across the USA.

Throughout the years, Dale has been dedicated to the serving of others through his coaching programs and seminars/workshops. As dedicated as he has been to helping others reach new heights in their evolution and growth he has been equally dedicated to his own growth and evolution. This dedication is what has now resulted in his Academy for the Awakened SoulPreneur. To help others in the world of entrepreneurial business interact with each other in a way that authentically produces a positive and productive result for everyone.