Are you building your business with a clear consciousness or have you been building your business on automatic? As in doing the same thing over and over again. Inspiring Conscious Business is about becoming conscious of the place in which we're building our business from. Will it be from the Ego or the Soul?  The ego can influence us to stay with the status quo whereas, the soul inspires us to change, to transform and actually grow our businesses in a way that's empowering the expression of our true self and our personal, professional and spiritual growth. 
Today there's a revolution happening within the collective consciousness of entrepreneurialism. It's the shifting of old ways of thinking around how we've done business in the past, to a whole new way in which we become aware and/or conscious of everyone and everything that we're empowering or dis-empowering around us. 
We have entered a new era where the SOUL has literally become the new bottom line in building a heart-centered successful entrepreneurial organization.
In order to have a new business where the soul of that organization can actually be seen and felt by others, you'll want to master the art of creating the kind of culture that naturally (because it's been designed to do so) empowers everyone to be their true self within the organization. The people always become like the culture in which they spend most of there time in. Truly understanding the transformative power of this kind of culture is one of the master keys to growing a successful and sustainable business. And should you choose to... a scalable business as well. 
This is one of the powerful strategies that I've used throughout the years in helping entrepreneurs and businesses alike to double, triple, and even quadruple their business in a short period of time. Which is how I've structured our Awakened SoulPreneur's Academy. It's an environment made up of workshops that provides the right kind of culture that you can build right into your organization. 
The workshops focus around the 5 pillars for building a successful and sustainable business with your team. Each workshop has a different theme and yet, they all interface with each other. Within the series of workshops you'll discover a balanced blend of wisdom teachings on effective business strategies, enriching spiritual principles and a powerful transformational process that helps to awaken everyone within your business making the overall experience inspiring, empowering, and refreshing. To quote a number of past participants, "Dale's business workshops are like a breath of fresh air... as YOU WILL be totally inspired and elevated to new enriching ways for building your business."
The workshops have been designed for everyone within the organization. Whether it's the entrepreneur (the one who is at the head of the business or anyone that is required to be entrepreneurial as in the Intra-preneurs). For an Intra-preneur to be effective they need to become more preneurial. And one of the greater responsibilities of the Entrepreneur is to educate, elevate and empower their Intra-preneurs. 
The 5 workshop titles include: SoulPreneur, VisionPreneur, SuccessPreneur, SalesPreneur and MoneyPreneur. Even though this is the order of sequence in which each workshop is offered it doesn't matter where you start the sequence. You can join us at any point in the order of sequence with the 5 different workshops. As with one of the spiritual principles that we learn about in the workshops, "there is a reason for everything." There are always specific reasons as to why we succeed, just as there are reasons as to why we fail in business. There is a reason for everything... the fact that you are reading this page right now, might be because which ever workshop we're currently coming into could very well be the workshop that you and your team would benefit from the most in attending right now. 
If any of this is speaking to you or resonating with you click here to find out which of the 5 workshops is coming next...

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  • For a way to develop leaders who inspire others to help grow your business

  • For an effective approach to solving your problems in business

  • For a more meaningful experience in building your career and/or business

  • For strategies to create more opportunities to respond to in business

  • For taking your business to the next level in a scalable way

  • For a real sustainable way to grow your business